The landscape of available jobs and work has changed over the past 20+ years. Companies are more bottom-line oriented to survive in today’s marketplace, and businesses have adjusted in many different and creative ways to grow profitable. This has changed hiring practices and it has made it more difficult sifting through the on-line blockers now in place by many companies. Technology and automation have become business tools for survival. That still does not get you in direct contact with the hiring company. Nor does it navigate you past all “get rich quick” Virtual or work-at-home scammers that have placed land mines all over the Internet.

VEO ONLY posts applications that are verified by us to be scam-free. Plus VEO has you connect and your application directly on the company’s web site. No middle man and no limited application number to worry about. Your application is always received by the company. VEO still recommends that you use the services of the professionals in those other areas because they will tremendously increase your chances of being noticed and hired. VEO is here to help you get thru the door so that your complete package can get you hired.  [...]

VEO Mission
VEO was founded to provide safe and reliable remote employment throughout the world.

Our focus is to achieve a successful partnership between job seekers and employers of which both can be proud. VEO plans to revolutionize the telecommuting experience and eliminate the negative stigmas associated with working from home.

We pride ourselves on employment opportunities that will continue to connect and grow our professional communities around the globe.

VEO Vision
We will radically shift employment toward the virtual world by empowering people to easily search, confidently apply, and successfully hire the most relevant virtual talent around the globe.

About Us

Virtual Employment Opportunities (VEO) is a global company created to serve job seekers and businesses focused on fulfilling employment needs outside the confines of a traditional office space.

Our members enjoy locating remote work while meeting their standards of employment, achieving work-life balance, and supplementing income, which can be achieved across the world.

For companies, VEO matches members from around the globe in a multitude of industry experience while pairing the mutual desire to achieve virtual employment.

We look to provide an enjoyable, safe, and reliable service to anyone interested in a telecommuting opportunity. [...]

Welcome to VEO!  

Meet The Team

Below is our team of fantastic, highly creative, and intelligent individuals.
Kyleia Malone
Founder/ CEO

Hi! My name is Kyleia, founder of VEO. VEO started as a way for me to share my remote experiences with military spouses and parents. This passion grew to the desire of allowing anyone looking to work from home a safe and fair chance in a community atmosphere. When not in my home office, I enjoy traveling with family, my city, and infrequent exercise.

Michelle Wilson
SVP - Marketing & Sales

Hi! My name is Michelle Wilson. I am the Vice President of Marketing for VEO. I transitioned from corporate management and ownership of a brick-and-mortar business to working remotely. I take great pride in helping others pursue their passion of telecommuting.

Ellamaria Hall
Founder/ CEO

Hi. I am Ellamaria “Ella” Hall. I am the earliest investor of VEO and the youngest member of the team. I am a straight-A student and really like playing online Roblox. Come join me.

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