VEO & Its Team

In The Beginning….

VEO – Virtual Employment Opportunities began as an idea 10 years ago by Founder Kyleia Malone who out of necessity as a military wife was faced with the challenge of finding work from home while supporting her husband through deployments to Iraq. After speaking with other military wives, disabled veterans, and stay-at-home moms, she found that locating legitimate work from home opportunities was rare, time consuming and even risky.

In 2012, while volunteering to help the unemployed and underemployed explore work from home opportunities, Kyleia began to see the frustrations of many who encountered scam after scam. She then made it her mission to become the mediator of connecting legitimate work from home opportunities to all who may be interested.

VEO now boasts hundreds of members on the VEO Facebook page where job listings and discussions occur daily. Click here to join that group and connect with others who have the same desire to work from home.


Our Terrific Team :

Kyleia aka Kye, Michelle, and Mike met on April 21, 2014, at iWork, a local career networking group. Kyleia, the guest speaker, gave an inspiring presentation on working remotely. Virtually (pun intended) every participant was awestruck. Various emails between the three revealed Kye’s extensive knowledge of the intricacies of finding legitimate work from home jobs, Michelle’s creation of a large-scale spreadsheets to track job search details, and Mike’s IT background in web development. We soon knew our purpose: to partner in building a website featuring virtual remote employment for job seekers, recruiters, and businesses. We’ve been on the path to a blockbuster success ever since!


Our Mission

We chart our own course and delight in the privilege to sail into the direction of our choosing. At times, that means bravely taking a chance and creating something essential, worthwhile, and even extraordinary. That’s what we’ve accomplished here! As a recruiter or hiring agency, when you choose to advertise your remote positions with VEO, you are guaranteed to have access to qualified and screened applicants eager to fulfill your position. We take the guess work out of the obvious work from home requirements such as PC requirements, home office equipment, skill assessments, and much more. When using our services, you have more time to focus on the applicant’s qualifications, interviewing, and hiring while VEO handles the rest.

Helping others brings true meaning to our lives. We’ve spent time developing tools and resources to maximize your search. Learn more and sign up today! Want to learn more before registering? Then Contact Us and a member of our team will be in contact with you in no time

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