February 24, 2017

Why VEO?

The Changing World of Employment

The landscape of available jobs and work has changed over the past 20+ years. Companies are more bottom-line oriented to survive in today’s marketplace, and businesses have adjusted out of necessity in many different and creative ways to grow and provide jobs for workers.

Technology and automation have become business tools for survival. A growing number of organizations have altered how they operate, which has impacted the types of jobs currently available. Research indicates that nearly 30-35% of jobs are now virtual, telecommuting, or work at home (WAH), and this number continues to grow.

In the earlier days of WAH postings, the market was saturated with fraudulent schemes, and there was a general fear about at-home employment. VEO – Virtual Employment Opportunities grew into a company that goes above and beyond the traditional steps of assisting job seekers in finding legitimate virtual positions. The VEO professional profile page allows members to set up a virtual persona that displays their work from home preparedness and skill set to hiring companies and minimizes the risk of scams during their employment search.

Does your home environment require nights, seasonal, or no phone? VEO allows members to display those specifics, as well as detailed information such as availability and shift preferences in the employee profile, viewable by hiring agencies. The extensive member profile provides details generally discovered after one or more phone interviews. The mission of VEO is to help those requiring or requesting to work from home gain jobs and careers that will ultimately lead them to professional success.

VEO believes that there is Virtual Employment for Virtually Everyone. With your help, we can partner in a seamless recruitment experience for you to locate qualified and remotely prepared employees. Our plans are to create a cloud service allowing both members and companies to add efficient and greater search functionality. Members will have the capability to enter their desired work criteria into a search page then explore the job position requirements for matches specific to their selected criteria. From there, they can apply directly to the listed companies that match them. For employers, VEO offers permissions to view profiles of job seekers for matches to their job requirements and allow them to notify those specific job seekers to apply for their openings. Employers will have peace of mind in knowing that VEO screens PLUS! member applicants to verify that they are equipped to work remotely.

PLUS! members receive optimum recruiter visibility with direct recruiter and company communications for expedited hiring while offering job seeker tools such as webinars, resume assistance, and much more! VEO is determined to help those in need by changing the way to find real work from home.

VEO recognizes that there is a cost to finding “qualified” candidates and offers numerous time-saving benefits to VEO Listing Companies. VEO Listing Companies can be recruiters, agencies, headhunters, hiring managers, HR professionals, etc., searching to find their future employees. Listing companies are offered permissions to view profiles of job seekers that match the exact qualifications needed to fill specific job openings. No more spending time searching to determine if someone owns a Mac vs. a PC or a USB headset vs. a landline dialer. VEO ensures that each profile highlights the job seeker’s home office equipment and professional attributes.

Depending upon the level of hiring needed, VEO Listing Companies will have the ability to post messages directly to job candidates to encourage applying for posted positions. All listing companies will have the assurance of knowing that each member is ready and willing to work from home. From executive to entry level, VEO has countless options to offer a higher probability of finding the ideal employee.

Because VEO is not a recruiting agency or service, VEO Listing Companies PAY NO RECRUITING FEE. The only costs are listing company fees, searching, and job posting which can be customized to meet your needs.

VEO is constantly evaluating future enhancements and functionality to offer more to its members in future phases of its service. VEO plans to be the trusting partner for job seekers and employers when it comes to virtual opportunities. Contact us today to become a global partner.

For further inquiries, please contact us at Information@VirtualOpp.com and join our private group page by searching “VEO – Virtual Employment Opportunities” on Facebook. You can also visit our information blog site at www.VirtualOpp.com to view further announcements.